WPR's Totally Jacked Up

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Welcome to Don-Kel's Beefmasters!

     Owned by Donald and Kelli Schapeler, Don-Kel's Beefmasters is a purebred Beefmaster operation near Rockville, Missouri.  They strive to produce the best possible Beefmaster bulls and replacement females on the market. The Schapelers also offer semen from thier herd sire, WPR's Totally Jacked Up (C1043943).

     Take a look around the site to learn more about how Don-Kel's Beefmasters can help you improve your herd. Then, contact us and come out to the ranch for a visit!

Visit the "About Us" page to get to know the Schapelers and why they chose Beefmaster.

Don-Kel Beefmasters

Contact the Schapelers for more information on semen from WPR's Totally Jacked Up.